We've held classes under this title and theme "Words of Life" several times over the years. The main thrust of it is this - regardless of where we look in scripture, we want to focus on how they are words of life, profitable, active, etc. We want to proactively stop and notice significant details which otherwise we can tend to mindlessly read over.

It's all too easy for us to become numb to even the most amazing things. What we mean to do then, is take this opportunity to intentionally renew our sense of wonder and amazement of things our God has done, how He deals with people, and how He's actively working throughout history. Through our study of His word, we intend to purposely stand in awe of Him, and draw near to Him.


We've most often loosely followed our Bible reading plans to decide what to study week to week. From the range of each weeks' readings, that week's leader selects one of the daily readings for us to read aloud in class. This is to practice giving attention to the public reading of scripture. From the reading, we typically focus on just a few verses and related thoughts, meant to call our minds and hearts to those things just described above.

Because the goal of the class is more about how we study than what we study, we welcome a lot of lattitude in this format. If the Spirit guides the leader outside of the reading range entirely, not to practice the public reading, or some other difference from our normal format, we encourage such variety, intending to invite the Spirit to lead.

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  July 2020  
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