This study has been titled "Simple Revelation". "Simple" here is not a gimmick. It is an apt description of the approach taken, which is simple at its core. It is a powerful tool to grow in confident understanding of Revelation, as well as other parts of scripture. It also helps counter the common mystery, fear, and confusion about it.

Specifically, this approach is to a) focus on what's presented as literal (and take it as such), and b) let the pictures just be pictures, unless and until c) the Word explains the literal meaning of a picture.

Following that approach (patiently), it seems that the primary message, to the 7 named churches, is an encouragement (for most to straighten up, and) to stand firm in their faith through the unprecedented blasphemy and enforced emperor worship of an un-named 8th king to come soon. History suggests that would have been Domitian.


Here are some materials designed with the intent to further help those who were in the class, or even to guide ones looking into this on their own.


This study was inspired by and initially modeled after the Book of Revelation series about halfway down this page. Our study is indebted to God's work through Brent Newton and Carey Terry for teaching their series and the Fairgrounds Road Church of Christ for offering it online.

Other Resources

Older Slides

These were not refined with the intent of public consumption, but in case they are nonetheless helpful to anyone, material for older classes which followed this study are offered here. Since the material above was developed from this, this is essentially now a subset of the material above.

Here are links to the slides and class handout we used for our Revelation classes in 2014, one in the winter, and another immediately after it in the spring.

Additionally, here is a link to the slides for a quick one-night study of it which we recently led (December 2017). These slides are mostly just a small set of the slides from the original file, with only minor edits. We reused the same PDF handout. This was a quick summary of and prelude to the class we offered in spring of 2018.

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