Mindfulness Meditation: Making Space for God

Fellowship Hall – Steve Vann and Courtney Steed

Sunday Mornings, 9:00 AM, June through August, 2019

A study of the biblical and spiritual applications of mindfulness meditation, drawing from the book Mindfulness and Christian Spirituality: Making Space for God by Tim Stead 2016. 

You might be interested in this class if:

  • Someone has recommended Mindfulness Meditation to you, a friend, doctor, or advisor, but are concerned about how it might conflict with your faith.  
  • You been practicing meditation because of its benefits but have not recognized the potential spiritual blessing available.
  • You have been practicing meditation and you have recognized the spiritual benefits and are willing to share that with others.
  • You have tried to meditate and decided you could not do it, or that it was too difficult and probably not worth the work.


Purchasing and reading the book is not required to get something from this class, but I think you would be rewarded more fully if you do.



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